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Welcome to BKST Studio

BKST Studio, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is a leading provider of translation and localization services. For over 15 years BKST Studio's goal has been to help global companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context.

We sincerely hope that our acquaintance will help in removing the barrier of language and culture opening your business to an international marketplace. Our professional activity is focused on specialised, high quality linguistic services and our products/services are adapted to meet the language, cultural and social requirements of target markets.

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Why choose BKST Studios

BKST Studio delivers quality, care and understanding in every project. We know that this has a positive impact on our mission
and is largely the reason we have strong relationships with our clients.


BKST Studio guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our projects. Although our translations are almost always perfect at the first delivery, this guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you are entitled to free unlimited revisions, until it reaches the point where you are happy with it.

We don't try to be good at everything. We make certain we are outstanding at a select set of services. BKST Studio specializes in East African Languages. By focusing our efforts on these key language pairs, we are able to offer unparalleled precision and sensitivity to your intended meanings especially with localization.

We know how tight our clients' deadlines are. At BKST Studio, we are happy to handle rush and expedite translation jobs to meet your most challenging turnaround requirements.

Our team members are trained to use state-of-the-art translation software, such as Trados, which does not replace the translators' craft, but supports them on each step of their work to assure consistency of terminology, retention of content repetition gains, consistency of formatting, same formatting as the original document and overall accuracy.

For over 15 years BKST Studio has been providing customers with the ability to communicate in more than 50 languages. BKST Studio provides culturally appropriate translation services to a variety of clients that inlcude companies, the federal and provincial government, and international organizations. With a proven reputation for providing reliable and high quality services performed by experienced translation professionals.

At BKST Studio, we treat every project individually. We understand that cost is important, particularly for a new or expanding business, so we'll give you a quote that's based on your needs. With BKST Studio, there's no fixed package. This means you won't be paying for any services you didn't require. Not only that, we're totally flexible. If you do manage to find a translation agency who can offer you a lower quote, we'll try to price match or even discount our offer!

Our Vision

To be the most preferred transalation company for its precision and quality.

Our Mission

To help companies, from early-stage startups to large international corporations, achieve their translation and localization goals

Core Values

Trust, teamwork, integrity, speed, innovation, confidentiality and flexibility.

All You Need To Get the Best

Our multilingual capabilities combined with a best-in-class project management approach provide clients with one stop convenience. Our expertise in transcreation, the translation & cultural adaptation of marketing materials, is highly relevant to marketers & technical communicators alike.

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Our Services .

Reaching your global user base is about providing a product that they can use seamlessly in their native language. We offer Translation, Localization, Transcreation, Editing and Revision and Brand Name Evaluation.

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Our Languages .

We boast of an experienced team of certified African languages translators who excel at providing all types of African Languages Translation and Localization services.

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Reduce Business Risk .

Earn your clients loyalty and trust through quality and dependable services by using us. We are farmiliar with most professional translation tools and use a very effecient quality control methods to ensure the best.

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