BKST Studio, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is a leading provider of translation and localization services. For over 15 years BKST Studio's goal has been to help global companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context.

When it comes to managing your international business there is no substitute for local market expertise and knowledge. You outsource to a local partner with a solid footprint in the markets that matter: that is why our professional activities are focused on specialised, high quality linguistic services and our products/services are adapted to meet the language, cultural and social requirements of target markets.

With BKST Studio, you select a partner that focuses on the core elements for localization success: in-country and domain-specific language expertise to ensure a flawless international adaptation of your brand and products combined with the highest levels of efficiency to maximize the output of your localization budgets.

We are committed to helping companies, from early-stage startups to large international corporations, achieve their translation and localization goals. Leverage the advantages of our 15+ years of industry experience.

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